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The Female Correction Officers

Survival Guide

Author, Publisher and Producer C. Rene West publishes the 1st and only survival guide depicting the experience and struggle of the female corrections officer in our jails and prisons.  This no nonsense straight forward guide discusses taboo topics not discussed in the academy such as physical attraction, sexual attraction and natural attraction, manipulation, trickery and seduction in an effort to reduce undue familiarity and prevent staff pregnancy, contraband introduction, escape assistance and other illegal activity by female officers.

These guides should aid administration in reducing officers turnovers, reduce contraband introduction and make our institutions a safer environment for the staff and the communities where these institutions are based.

ISBN # 978-0-9725379-5-7     $15.00

Female Correction Officer

Survival Guide Intro

Producer C. Rene West discusses the psychological and sociological impact of being a female officer and highlights how sexual relationships with inmates easily occur in an effort to aid officers in making better decisions.

Character and Reputation

for the Female Officer

Producer discusses many taboo topics of being an officer and the importance of maintaining good character, reputation and professionalism.

Manipulation, Trickery and Seduction

Producer explains the art of controlling people through manipulation, trickery and seduction. She insight on topics not discussed in staff training that will aid female officers in making better decisions.

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Officer Survival Guides

Officer Survival Guides

In these guides, you'll learn the secrets, signs and signals on what and who to avoid to maintain professionalism, avoid termination and achieve career success.  Learn how to cope with peer pressure, rumors relationships while avoiding the stress and drama.  You'll also learn about relationships, sexual tension, drugs, death, suicide, divorce and the advantages and disadvantages of being an officer in our jails and prisons.  

Master your opportunities to live, 

love and enjoy a stress free career.

ISBN # 978-0-9725379-7-1   $15.00

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