C. Rene West 


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Our Criminally Created Society

Producer C. Rene West offers insight on what to expect next, the consequences of inaction and a 3 step 5 phase Community Re-construction Plan designed to build community relationships, deter at risk youth and at risk adults from becoming criminal offenders and deter criminal offenders from re-offending.

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 Crime in our Communities

Wake Up! Our Criminally Created Society examines how we as individuals, a society and a nation contribute to the crimes we are experiencing in our communities today.  This film takes you into the heart of the ghetto, addressing the issues of poverty, truancy, incarceration, rap music and the roles they play in the crimes we are experiencing today. 

 Wake Up! Our Criminally Created Society identifies our problems, addresses our issues and provides solutions on reversing the negative impact crime has on our lives, our future and our ability to live peacefully and provides important insight on how we should be rethinking when addressing the crimes that are overtaking and paralyzing our neighborhoods and threatening our families, our homes, our businesses and our future.

OCCS Intro Trailer #1

This intro breaks down the fact that a criminal can be created when we as a  society don't afford all citizens legal income opportunities to obtain the basic needs to survive and better opportunities for survival wile incarcerated.

We simply ask you, What would you do If....

and provide the facts of the society we create and the price we will pay.

OCCS Intro Trailer #2

This intro  allows viewers to consider why some members of our society consider illegal activity to obtain income while presenting better solutions for a better society for us all to live, grow and prosper.

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Walking in Pain Documentary

Share your story and your concerns.

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You Don't have to be a victim of Domestic Violence to be a Victim of Domestic Violence

87 innocent people killed Julio Gonzales set fire to the only entrance and exit to a night club in anger of his girlfriend being inside.  The girlfriend and 6 other people escaped however, 87 innocent people did not.

Be The Change !

Domestic Violence Effects Us All!

You don't have to be the Victim to be a Victim of Domestic Violence.

Advocate for Change in the Laws and Services for Victims

and the innocent Victims within our Society.

Advocate for Change


1.  Requesting change in laws for financial, mental and psychologically abused victims

2. Requesting change in mandatory reporting laws to protect all people regardless of age.

3. Requesting training/education implemented in Schools on recognizing and reporting abuse for both 

adults and students.

4Addressing and identifying Adult Bullying and Authoritative Bullying and implementing penalties for abusers.

5. Change laws to assist perpetrators with mandatory counseling not criminal charges.

You don't have to be The victim 

to be A victim

Video short of 87 innocent people killed in domestic dispute

Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse

The Hardest part of being a Victim

Are You Crazy 2?

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Are you a Victim and don't know it?

Signs & Symptoms

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Emotional/Mental Abuse/PTSD

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