C. Rene West 


Our Vision

Our goal is to deter our youth from becoming criminal offenders and deter criminal offenders from re-offending by providing information that will assist them in making positive choices and become productive law abiding citizens through our books, workshops, commercials, documentaries and other projects on subjects and topics of their personal interests.

Our Mission

Our plan is to expose our readers and viewers to legal opportunities to earn income, increase their earning potential and align themselves for economic freedom and empowerment.  We strive to uplift our audience with the word of God to further encourage them to continually strive for excellence in spite of their past or current situation or condition.

To give a young man knowledge and thinking ability; to impart shrewdness to the inexperienced.  Proverbs 1:4

 C. Rene West

C. Rene West is an award winning author, publisher and documentary film producer.  She has over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement, Investigations and Security Management and over 20 years in Business Management, Consulting, Marketing and Promotions. 

Ms. West worked at the worlds most notorious Rikers Island as a Certified Drill Instructor, Officer and Assistant to Wardens, Division Chiefs and Special Unit Commanders, becoming the first officer to expose the dirty secrets of Rikers Island in her debut novel 

"Caught in the Struggle: The Real Rikers Island."

Ms. West has a passion to give voice to the voiceless and a mission to encourage, uplift, and educate people through her books, magazines and film projects.